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Celebrating the Cultural Inclusiveness and Universality of Historic Mind Games

Historic mind games and Shahi chess set exhibition at Hagia Sophia with Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kaçar and Tamer Karatekin (January 2024, as part of the shatranj.ai project)

Our Mission

At SHATRANJ INTERNATIONAL, we celebrate and promote shatranj, the ancient form of chess; chess synonyms across cultures such as satranç, šah, and ajedrez;  historical chess variants, and other historical mind and board games. We are committed to preserving these games as humanity’s common intellectual and cultural heritage.


To prevent cultural appropriation and protect the universality of these games, in particular chess, we exclusively use culturally inclusive and pluralist chess sets and icon designs.


We use the names SHATRANJ INTERNATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL SHATRANJ FEDERATION to denote our community of organizations and enthusiasts.

What We Do

International Collaborative Projects

We bring together a network of organizations, enthusiasts, and experts to collaborate on various innovative projects. Our focus includes not only Shatranj but also a wide array of other historical board games.

Currently, we are collaborating on an EU-funded Erasmus+ KA2 project (shatranj.ai) to build an artificial intelligence curriculum based on historic board games for youth development. If your organization or yourself would like to join our existing and future projects, please reach out to us with your interest so we can get back to you.

K12 and Youth Educational Initiatives

Our educational programs and resources are designed to inspire new generations to engage with Shatranj and other historical games, appreciating their strategic depth and cultural value.


These games are most popular at young ages when the speed of children’s cognitive development is highest. We actively prepare curricula and content and advise teachers and school systems to promote these games for maximum educational benefit.

Promoting Historical Mind and Board Games

Through events, tournaments, publications, and online resources, we aim to raise awareness of the rich history and cultural significance of these games.

Integration With Modern Technology and Artificial Intelligence

We are at the forefront of integrating these timeless games with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, offering a unique blend of tradition and technology.

Global Community

We strive to build a vibrant, global community of players, scholars, and enthusiasts who share our passion for these historical games.

Our team

Tamer Karatekin

Tamer, a former Turkish national chess champion and MIT’s chess team star, now leads SHATRANJ INTERNATIONAL with a vision to blend the ancient game of chess with modern AI, emphasizing its rich, cultural history. As a professional chess coach, grant writer, and tech product manager, Tamer uses his diverse skills to promote culturally inclusive chess education. Under his guidance, SHATRANJ INTERNATIONAL seeks to teach chess in its most authentic form, highlighting its significance across cultures and times. Join him in this innovative journey to explore chess not just as a game, but as a bridge between past and future, inviting the world to learn chess as it was meant to be taught.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kaçar

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kaçar, serving as the Department Head of Science History at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, brings a unique blend of historical scholarship and educational leadership to his role. With a focus on the rich tapestry of Islamic science and history, his work illuminates the contributions of Muslim scholars to various fields of knowledge, including astronomy, medicine, and mathematics. Prof. Kaçar’s dedication to uncovering and sharing this heritage aligns perfectly with SHATRANJ INTERNATIONAL’s mission to integrate historical depth and cultural inclusivity into chess and AI education. His expertise not only enriches the organization’s educational programs but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the historical roots of strategic thinking and innovation.

Dr. Mina Mafefat

Mina Marefat, PhD, AIA, an acclaimed architect, urban designer, and architectural historian with degrees from MIT, Harvard, and Tehran University, directs Design Research, focusing on urban revitalization, cultural projects, and green design. Her work, notably her involvement in the Bam Project for post-disaster recovery, reflects her commitment to merging innovation with heritage. Marefat’s deep understanding of urban architectural dynamics, especially in cities like Tehran, makes her an invaluable asset to SHATRANJ INTERNATIONAL’s board. Her dedication to creating inclusive and sustainable environments supports the nonprofit’s goal to enrich chess and AI education with cultural and historical insights.

Join Us

Whether you are a seasoned player, a history buff, or simply curious about the world of historical board games, SHATRANJ INTERNATIONAL welcomes you. Join our community to explore, learn, and contribute to the rich legacy of Shatranj and its counterparts.

Together, let’s embark on a journey through time, strategy, and innovation.

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